David Turtle

Superintendent Minister
028 9266 2303

Shirley Carrington

Pastoral Assistant
07746 666860

Ashleigh O’Sullivan

Youth Pastor
07916 206901

Chris Greer

Society Steward

Pete Livingstone

Assistant Society Steward
07779 153361

Adrienne Stewart

Church Secretary
07773 983981

Janice Anderson

Church Council Secretary
07933 054854

Stuart Lynn

Church Treasurer
028 92666315


Council Members and Church Officials are part of a Team working together to ensure the Mission of the Church is effected in line with the needs of individuals and the community. Different skills and talents are needed to discharge the various duties that have to be undertaken and these blended together in a spirit of cooperation and common purpose are the key to the Church fulfilling its Mission. Church Officials are nominated by the Minister while Council Members are elected by the Congregation and six are replaced each year on a rotational basis.

Members 2019/20

  • David Turtle – Superintendent Minister
  • Shirley Carrington – Pastoral Assistant
  • Chris Greer – Society Steward
  • Peter Livingstone – Assistant Society Steward
  • Stuart Lynn – Society Treasurer
  • Janice Anderson – Council Secretary

Ann Brown ,Lisa Grant, Elaine Kinghan, Curtis McDonald, Violet Dawson, Fiona Wilson, Adrienne Stewart, Michaela Johnston, Kenny Maze, Donna Twinem, Jessica Overhead, Stevie Gray, Andrew Sweeney, Glyn Capper Clive Patterson

Other contacts

Adrian Nesbitt

Freewill Offering Team Leader
028 9258 2676

Harold & Joan Baird

Gift Aid Secretaries
028 9266 5064

Tom Millar

Convenor - Communications Task Group
07711 928786